Our Manifesto

What the hell is this?

The whole point of Panduhmonium is to rise above the current climate of Cleveland’s music community.

We’ve been a part of the music scene in Cleveland for a few years now, in bands and as fans.  There’s a lot of great stuff going on in our hometown, despite the average Clevelander’s moan and groan of “there’s nowhere to go tonight!”  So many amazing bands and such great music to be found almost every single night!  This is a vibrant, diverse town of sonic stimulus, and so very much goes unappreciated and unexplored.  There’s a distinct and tangy flow of bitterness that washes across our fair city, a bile rising in the throats of every music venue and club.  It’s pervasive and perverse, from the disdainful sniff of indie hipsters at the mention of bands that aren’t signed to the local clique (forget labels) to the governmental fist seeking to squeeze every ounce of soul and penny of spirit from our unproductive performing pockets.

We are small but we are legion.

Local publications have failed to serve their community, catering to the cliques and ignoring the strong tidal rush of creation and fluidic flow of artistry that actually exists beyond their narrow bubble.  In a world where democratic measures of musical distribution obfuscate the senses, where words printed in the free press have a higher currency exchange rate than radio play, the mainstream is a small trickle with a very tiny ark, and even fewer acts can fit in the shriveled public iris.

We have a little dream, a minor fantasy, for our musical brothers and sisters.

We want to talk about you.  We want to move past who’s sexy, who’s naked, who’s covered in butter and beer, who has the best mustache or the hottest guitar, and talk about the music, man.  Sure, those things will all be topical, but only as unimportant side-whispers.  It’s the music, man.

This is about perpetuating a solid sense of community, and non-compete, a world where music flows and it’s not about who you know but what you create.  That’s what the hell this is.


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