Panduhmonium Open Mics!

In an endeavor to help musicians explore new material, have fun, and play in public without having to schedule a gig, we host area open mics that cater to all kinds of creativity!

Tuesday nights – Trio’s in Lakewood

On the corner of Madison and Chesterland, we share this open mic with Morte Treehorn of Kill the Hippies.  The bar sells cheap drafts (PBR for a buck) and drums, amps, and PA are provided for anything from acoustic to heavy rock jams.  Signups start at 10pm and the music lasts until 1am.

Wednesday nights – The Euclid Tavern

Located on Euclid Avenue on the edge of Case campus, we provide a full drum kit, guitar amp, and PA system.  You also get to play on the legendary venue stage, with fancy lights and everything!  It’s wing night at the bar, 39 cents for the best freakin wings in town (Really, they are damn tasty).  The bar also features a variety of specials and rotating draft beers.  The upstairs patio is open in nice weather.  There are occasional theme nights, special guests, and an open jam during the last half hour or so.  We also record the open mic, so if you come by the next week you can get your set on disc for a buck (and anyone else’s set if you like).

For more open mics around Cleveland, visit!


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