Album Review: Sloth

 “Ha! If there’s one thing about Sloth, it’s that you never should feel comfortable expecting anything about it, because it is Sloth. Or something.”  – Anonymous

Sloth’s recent split release with Beartrap is an auditory adventure across very loud, very vast expanse.  Three songs, totaling 37 minutes, at first listen seem to be as noisy as noise gets.  The experience is incredibly different from the stage performances I’ve seen, consisting of awesome Sloth costumes, pot-and-pan-banging, and YAAAAAY.  Each track begins with white noise rumbles that grow climactically, interspersed with shushing esses.  The first, “kicking a corpse in the nads” grows to a scream, then whimpers out.  The second, “sloth loves bears. they’re so cute. we love them.” takes a very keen ear to detect oscillation, more whispering sounds, and a very, very vague assortment of drums.  It’s a bit like holding a conch shell to your ear and hearing the screaming of a thousand lobsters going into the pot.  The third and final track, “pop-up diaper”, adds a bit of grinding and screaming into the mix.

Noise like this is often best appreciated live, and it’s certainly not a simple background “pop it in the old stereo” sort of set of tracks.  It’s something to intently listen to, like a auditory detective, to find what little bits and pieces you can in the cacophony of noise.  It is perhaps not for everyone, but for those who really appreciate noise, there’s something in there.

You can find this album as well as others by Sloth at


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