Album Review: Tuk Peenersen & His Wienermen

From the informative blurb;

Tuk Peenersen & His Weinermen/ Extreme Noise Terrier split cassette is distributed by C Cleveland Continental Records And Tapes 2012, a label that specializes in highly rare and limited releases.

 “Tuk Peenersen & His Weinermen” is a group that was constructed to play live at a new year’s eve party on 12/31/2011. They recorded this demo at the 71st Door shortly after. The group contains members of The Burger Boys, Lucha Eterna, Sloth, Le Paint Chips, and The Deathers. Collectively, they love the Brainbombs, as well as all of their respective bands. They may or may not play more live shows in 2012.

 “Extreme Noise Terrier” is a duo consisting of Ammo & Zilla from Gomorrahizer. They created this project after touring with and playing in Fascist Insect and Dead Peasant Insurance in 2011, to explore territories of experimental, ambient, soundtrack-like sonic compositions and their “meow-punx” aesthetic, outside of their straightforward crust/grindcore of their main project, Gomorrahizer. These recordings represent their findings so far.

Extreme Noise Terrier is, for certain, extreme noise.  The cassette track runs the gambit from intense, screechy noise and feedback play, to deep, heavy, abyssal thrumming.  Their oscillator overthrusts in a cacophonous conglomeration of sound.  At times science fiction, at times insectine, the sounds sample fireworks, party noise, motors and jet engines that phase in and out to the point of dizziness.  The sound is structureless and chaotic, but truly intriguing to listen to.  It bombards the eardrums and rattles the braincase.

On the flipside (literally), Tuk Peenerson & His Weinermen deliver songs with structure and instrumentation.  Primal, viciously angry female vocals shriek over a driving bass groove and heavy drums.  This is super rhythmic, straightforward raw emotion.  Saxophone and synth play accentuate the intensity as the cassette side thrusts forward with crazy sonic force, slowing just a little into the last funky groove.  Hopefully Tuk will re-emerge for more musical experimentation and recording, as the world could use more vicious angry music like this.

 by Samantha Baine


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